Why Go to Church?

Why Go To Church?

Because the church is Christ’s body on earth.  By interacting with true believers our spiritual gifts may benefit and grow the whole group.  It’s not a country club for social climbing; its more like a charity hospital run by The Great Physician.

We go regularly to church because Christ our Head has instructed us to assemble ourselves together.   Some days there’s only the “faithful few.”  But look closely.  Christ is there whenever they meet.  We work together on common goals.  We can meet, converse, sing, pray, worship, learn God’s ways and grow together.

Since none of us has all the spiritual gifts, we need to teach and be taught by others.  So we can come to maturity and “all speak the same things.”  We can observe and humbly learn from others; there’s usually someone more experienced in certain matters than we are.

Leaders need followers and vice versa; Teachers need students and vice versa.  Elders can teach the younger.  Older women are specifically told to teach younger women about family matters.

Small groups can form to accomplish tasks.  Young Christians may form into families within our fellowship.  Likewise Christians can form businesses and do co-operative projects.  Young people can explore the mission field.  Seniors can encourage one another and help one another.  We can help feed and clothe the hungry and poor.  Maybe hire the unemployed.

We can teach and help discipline the young.  Some of us are well qualified to encourage, advise, and counsel.  Others know how to maintain vehicles and buildings.  Some can donate and some can administer what is donated.  Some serve the punch and some set up and take down chairs.  Volunteers welcome.  We love to fish…for people.

Is there any other organized body with more potential to save our world?  Any Chief Shepherd more worthy than the Lamb that was slain for us?  True believers always welcome.  Also lost sheep looking for the sheepfold.

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