Q: Will Power Bible work with Windows 10?

A: Yes, Power Bible will work on all full versions of Windows from Windows 95 up through Windows 10 (including Windows 8 and 8.1)

If you still have questions call us up at 800-243-7124 or tech help at 517-369-6035

Q: My unlock code for the Power Bible does not work, why?

A: The most common reason an unlock code will not work is the way your name is entered.
– 1) You must enter your name on the top line exactly as we have it, generally we use First name then one space and then your last name.
ex. Joe Smith
– 2) Then in the middle select the radio button next to the version you are unlocking
– 3) Enter your 8 or 9 digit code in the bottom line. Enter it all together, no spaces. Be sure not to enter a space before or after either.

If this does not help call us up at 800-243-7124 or tech help at 517-369-6035

Q: Do you have a downloadable version of Power Bible?

A: This new feature was just added. Look on our home page for the big red arrow and that will link you to the page to order the download of Power Bible. Please read the notes about how it works as you order it.

Q: I ordered and paid for the download of the Power Bible but I do not have a license key to install it, what do I do? 

A: Once you purchase the download and download the installer file, you will receive a confirmation email of your order. This is simply a confirmation. Then we will send you another email (most likely from lindnerph150@gmail.com) and this will contain a long license key which you will paste into your installer along with the email you provided on your order. This should then install the program for your use. Since we are not staffed in the office 24/7 there may be a delay before your key is emailed to you. We will send it as quickly as possible. Depending on the time of day you order you may receive it the same day or the following morning. If you order Fri afternoon thru Sunday you will receive the key on Monday. We are going to work towards being able to get them to you sooner. If you have questions call us at 800-243-7124


Q: Do you have a Power Bible that will run on my iphone or my Android smart phone or tablet? 

A: This project has been halted at this time.

Q: You list discount prices for non profit distribution but we are not a registered non profit entity do we still qualify for discount prices?

A: If you are purchasing the Power Bible program to give away and you do not intend to resell them and make a profit from that sale then you can qualify for the discount prices.

If you are unsure feel free to call us at 800-243-7124.

Q: Will the Power Bible run on Linux?

A:  This quote comes from one of our customers –   R. Reed says ” To your customers that wanna use Power Bible CD on Linux it runs fine under a program called Wine. I installed it without a glitch it actually runs faster than it does on my windows machine. God Bless and thanks for a great product at such a reasonable price.”

Q: Do you have a Mac edition of the Power Bible?

A: Power Bible is designed for Windows, however we have many customers successfully using the Power Bible CD on their Mac computers. There is a Mac program called Crossover which will run Power Bible (and other Windows programs) on your Mac.

We were actually first informed of this by a Power Bible user who began using it on his Mac. I have since personally talked to many users that are using their Power Bible’s happily on their Mac computers. Crossover can be obtained at www.codeweavers.com They tested Power Bible and gave us Gold ratings for compatibility. There are other places to obtain this as well. We have also been told that a program called VMWare will run the Power Bible.

Please let us know your comments, questions or suggestions concerning using your Power Bible on a Mac.
Q: You list NIV (New International Version) as an option for $15, but I can not see how to order it?

A: Our license with Zondervan does not allow us to sell the Niv to certain countries (due to restrictions with the British Niv etc) and since our web site does not distinguish that when ordering it is not available on our web site. Simply call us at 800-243-7124 to order.