Revision History

Version 5.9     Oct 2010

  • Addedmodules: Funerals (Funeral Meditations), Hurst (Outline History of the Church), Tillotson (Discourses upon The Attributes of God), Wilson (Free Church Principles).
  • Updated modules: Annotated, ATSD, Chain, ChurchStat, Contemp, Easton, MER, Sermons, Smith, Stackhouse, TSK.


Version 5.8    July 2010

  • Added modules: Annotated (EXPLANATORY NOTES from the ANNOTATED PARAGRAPH BIBLE), ChurchStat (Church and State), Contempla (BP Hall’s Contemplations), Gospel (Gospel Sermons), Macknight (Macknight on the Epistles), Protestant (A Protestant Dictionary), Stackhouse (Body of Divinity)
  • Updated modules: Caryl, Chain, Christ, Christo, Easton, ELR, Nave, SCM, Sermons, Smith, Torrey


 Version 5.7   April 2009

  • Fixed problems with popup and hint windows when Dell Dock is running on the same system
  • Added modules: Caryl (Joseph Caryl Quotations), Filip (Tagalog Bible), Halls (Hall’s Explication of Hard Texts), Oracl (Living Oracles New Testament), PLWL (Patrick/Lowth/Whitby/Lowman Commentary)
  • Updated modules: Doddridge, Josephus, PNTC, Trinity


Version 5.5    December 2007

  • Added Philip Doddridge commentary
  • Updated Haweis, Scott, HistoryUS, Horne, PBAuthors, Smith modules.


Version 5.4    May 2007

  • Fixed incorrect error message on some Bible searches; reorganized Bible search dialog slightly.
  • Fixed sync issues with Verse List.
  • Fixed index list disappearing under certain circumstances
  • Added Thomas Haweis commentary (incomplete)
  • Updated PBAuthors, RVG04, Scott, and SermonsII modules.


Version 5.3    

  • Index list display width is now remembered
  • Added “Retitle Entry” function for user-created topic modules
  • Improved text wrapping in Bible display
  • Verse floats stay up much longer until mouse is moved away
  • Added “permit one missing word” Bible search option
  • SRV04 updated and name changed to RVG04
  • Various module updates and corrections: Bagster, Horne, Josephus, Messiah, PBAuthors, Prayers, Ripley, WBN, Travell, SermonsII
  • Added Trinity module (Sermons on the Trinity)
  • Added HistoryUS module (Short History of the Church in the United States)
  • Added Popery module (Nevins’ Thoughts on Popery)
  • Added Scott module (Thomas Scott’s Commentary, incomplete)
  • Added Waldenses module (Sketches of the Waldenses)


Version 5.2    November 2006

  • Fixed phrase highlighting bug in Verse List
  • Help file recompiled to be compatible with Windows Vista
  • Updated Burkitt (wbn) commentary module
  • Updated Classic Sermons (SermonII) module
  • Added 50 Handel’s Messiah Sermons (Messiah) module
  • Added Russian Synodal Translation (RST) Bible module
  • Added Travell’s Lectures (Travell) module
  • Added Power Bible Author Index (PBAuthors) module
  • Updated Cumming’s Family Prayers (Prayers) module
  • Added Horne’s devoltionals on the Psalms (Horne) module
  • Added Ripley’s 4 Gospels (Ripley) module
  • Added Josephus’ Destruction of Jerusalem (Josephus) module


Version 5.1    July 2006

  • Added Christology topics module
  • Added Christología (Spanish version of Christology) topics module
  • Added Scriptural Prayers topics module
  • Updated SRV 2004 with various corrections


Version 5.0

  • Added Brethren NT Commentary
  • Fixed scrolling bugs
  • Made corrections in British Family Bible commentary
  • Updated SRV 2004 with various corrections


Version 4.9    April 2006

  • Updated British Family Bible commentary: added commentary for 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Samuel, Genesis (complete), Joshua (complete), Judges, and Ruth.


Version 4.8    March 2006

  • Updated SRV 2004 with various corrections.
  • Updated British Family Bible commentary: added commentary for 1st and 2nd Chronicles, Deuteronomy, Exodus, Ezekiel, Ezra, Genesis (partial), Job (complete), Joshua (partial), Leviticus, Nehemiah, and Numbers.


Version 4.7    Jan 2006

  • New memory management system, resulting in improved performance and efficiency of Power BibleCD.
  • Updated SRV 2004 with various corrections.
  • Updated British Family Bible commentary with corrections, and added commentary for Amos, Esther, Ezekiel, Habakkuk, Haggai, Hosea, Job (partial), Joel, Lamentations, Micah, Nahum, Obadiah, Zechariah, and Zephaniah.


Version 4.6    December  2005

  • Added: Pressing PageUp or PageDown in Bible text display when at the top or bottom of the display moves to the previous or next chapter.
  • Added: Delete Entry toolbar button for user commentaries.
  • Fixed bug where Bible text display could lose scroll position when window is resized.
  • Updated SRV 2004 with various corrections.
  • Updated British Family Bible commentary, adding commentary for Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jonah, and Malachai.


Version 4.5

  • Added Spanish Reina Valera 2004.
  • Added 700 Sermons by C. H. Spurgeon (topic module)


Version 4.4    July 2005

  • Completed British Family Bible from Matthew through Revelation.
  • Added F4 shortcut key for bible search.
  • When Bible search dialog opens, focus is set to search words.
  • Corrected errors in Psalms in NAS95.
  • Fixed bug that caused window to not be scrolled to the top when switching between entries (commentaries, dictionaries, etc).


Version 4.3    March 2005

  • Added Matthew Poole’s Commentary
  • Added partial British Family Bible commentary. Matthew through 1st Corinthians and Hebrews complete.


Version 4.2    Nov 2004

  • Fixed bug in passage display that could cause incorrect verse scrolling with large fonts.
  • Added International Standard Bible Encyclopedia dictionary module.
  • Added 1865 Reina Valera Bible module.


Version 4.1    Feb 2004

  • Added function on User menu to export, backup, and restore user modules
  • Fixed problem where some Strong’s definitions were getting truncated in popup windows


Version 4.0a

  • Minor bug fixes
  • “Start Power BibleCD Maximized” option removed. Power BibleCD now restores the previous window size and position automatically.


Version 4.0    Jun 2003

  • New application icon
  • New toolbar glyphs
  • Added help button to Reference Index
  • There are now two toolbar modes: Normal and Advanced. Captions are now shown on toolbar buttons by default. This can be changed in Preferences|Options.
  • Added ability to define font and color settings for the popups. See Preferences|Fonts and Preferences|Colors.
  • World English Bible text updated to April 2003 edition (4.0 CD only)


Version 3.9    Mar 2003

  • New style of hint windows and floating references which should be more easily read
  • Fixed bug where lesson editor background would not conform to user color preferences
  • Enhancements to the Full Compare Window (added right-click popup menu with options)
  • Improvements to Bible search engine:
  • supports wildcards inside of words (such as “g*d”)
  • no longer returns unmatching verses in some cases
  • improved phrase searching
  • Other improvements and program optimizations
  • World English Bible text updated to Dec 2002 edition (3.9 CD only)


Version 3.8a

  • Minor bugfix for rarely encountered access violation.


Version 3.8   Sep 2002

  • Added special clicks to checkboxes in Passage display:
  • – Shift-Click sends verse to lesson editor
  • – Ctrl-Click copies verse to clipboard
  • – Alt-Click appends verse to clipboard
  • “Tools” page removed from Preferences, items moved to USER menu
  • Added delete user module function (USER menu)
  • Added rename user module function (USER menu)
  • Fixed rare AV bug in Passage display
  • Improved “Show Bible text only” function in Passage popup
  • Added PgUp/PgDn hotkeys to full compare window for changing verse
  • Added “Compare List” page to preferences for selecting “full compare” versions
  • Changed “offer to restore windows” option to choice of three options: Automatic restore, offer to restore (like previous versions), do not restore.
  • Fixed user note editor to set background color properly
  • Improved appearance of lists in resource order preferences page
  • Fixed problem with user topics sorting


Version 3.7a

  • New installation routine (for CD-ROM)
  • Fixed minor (rarely encountered) bug in Bible display


Version 3.7    June  2002


  • Added user topical module functionality
  • Added “full compare” function to Passage window
  • Added Reference Index feature
  • Added “Show Bible text only” option to Passage pop-up menu
  • Fixed typo in BURKITT in Jas 1:27
  • Fixed typo in ATSD in Hours
  • Fixed bad cross-ref on Ps 69:9
  • Fixed MNT on 1Ti 3:16
  • Fixed TCNT on 1Co 16:24
  • Fixed errors and missing text in Clarke (ACC) module
  • Fixed bug: verselist “delete all unchecked” when none checked
  • Minor improvements to Passage window


Version 3.6    May 2002

  • WEB module updated to Feb 16 2002 text.
  • Verse AutoCopy is more robust (allows selection of formatting option)
  • Added style G to export options
  • Improved search capability to properly handle certain kinds of phrases
  • Passage display copy to clipboard now adds book and chapter prefix if selection begins with a verse number
  • Fixed “warn if search results…” setting getting reset.
  • Fixed bug in export which could cause a lockup
  • Fixed autorun to work better with Windows XP.
  • Fixed occasional bad formatting in search results display


Version 3.5

  • Fixed Strong’s link error in search results.
  • Fixed access violation bug in Bible display with links.


Version 3.4    June 2002

  • Added new checkboxes feature in passage display.
  • Fixed “maximum hits” user configuration option in preferences dialog.
  • Fixed CD-ROM usage problems under Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Fixed book names and abbreviations in WEB module.
  • WEB module updated to Oct 2001 text.
  • Several other minor improvements.


Version 3.3

  • Fixed bug in Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon
  • Added Hitchcock’s Bible Names dictionary


Version 3.2    Aug 2001

  • Minor corrections to Teacher’s Commentary, Family Bible Notes, and Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon.
  • WEB Bible module updated to July 21, 2001 text.
  • Verse AutoCopy feature added.


Version 3.1  July 2001

  • People’s New Testament Commentary rebuilt — fixed missing portions.
  • “Show Interlinear” button now appears when appropriate on Passage Window toolbar. Added for clarity.
  • Behavior of up-arrow in Passage Window improved.
  • Added the Teacher’s Commentary.
  • Added Textus Receptus Greek New Testament. (Stephens TR with Scrivener variants as footnotes.)


Version 3.0

  • Added “edit note” button to commentary viewer for user-created modules.
  • Up/Down in Passage Windows advances by verse. Ctrl-Up/Down scrolls.
  • Pressing Down when on the last verse in a chapter will advance to next chapter.
  • Pressing Up when on the first verse in a chapter will move to the previous chapter.
  • F11 and F12 rotate resources in the Dictionary, Topic, Lexicon, and Commentary displays.
  • Lesson editor will open when needed (for example, on “send selected text to lesson editor”)
  • Fixed typos in American Tract Society Dictionary
  • Verse List Window now updates other windows (where appropriate) when Synchronize Windows option is selected.
  • Double-clicking on a verse in the Verse List Window will open that verse in a Passage Window (according to the “Reuse Windows” preference).
  • Bagster and Spurgeon daily devotions now automatically open to current time in every case.
  • Power BibleCD will now gracefully handle attempts to open more than one instance of the program.
  • World English Bible updated to Feb 2001 text.


Version 2.9

  • Minor fixes and improvements.
  • Easton’s Bible Dictionary now has verse references hyperlinked.
  • World English Bible updated to November 2000 text.
  • Minor errors in JFB and WBN modules corrected.
  • Happy new year!


Version 2.8

  • Added Modern King James Version module.
  • Added Spurgeon Devotional Commentary
  • Fixed hyperlink errors in Thompson Chain Topics module.


Version 2.7

  • Minor changes to Passage Window back button implementation.
  • Added Spurgeon’s Commentary on Matthew.


Version 2.6a

  • Fixed access violation bug when exporting more than 100 verses


Version 2.6

  • Rebuilt ASV module from a more accurate source text.
  • Added user commentary support.
  • Fixed Window menu bug.
  • Fixed maximized windows loss of control buttons bug.
  • Fixed problems with the Family Bible Notes module.


Version 2.5

  • Bagster daily devotional separated into AM/PM
  • Bagster opens with expanded references on by default
  • Fixed NASB95 error
  • Option to re-sort resources now appears on each resource menu
  • Updated cross-reference set
  • Updated World English Bible module to July 17, 2000 text


Version 2.4

  • Added New King James Version
  • Fixed errors in Montgomery’s NT (John)
  • Added Bagster’s Daily Light
  • Added preference for restoring windows prompt
  • Fixed Append bug
  • New, expanded cross-reference set
  • Updated World English Bible module to 4/25/2000 text


Version 2.3

  • Added lesson editor
  • Added Preferences button to toolbar
  • Removed “scroll by verse” option, and added verse-by-verse scrolling with CRTL+UP/DOWN in the Passage Window.
  • Verse list: added “copy checked verses” and “send checked verses to lesson editor”
  • Passage displays now default to Matthew 1:1 instead of Genesis 1:1
  • Added “Search Bible with selected text” option
  • BibleCD now asks before restoring windows
  • Expanded references option now works on commentary entry title
  • Lesson editor has “send to lesson” button
  • Fixed phrase hilighting bug in verse list when interlinear is on
  • Lexicon entries (definitions) include a link to search the KJV for the word
  • Fixed copy/print/save bug (hopefully done this time!)
  • Corrected double-s problem in Luther German Bible module
  • Fixed other minor problems


  • New Passage Display keys:
  • F5 : Rotate Version Back
  • F6 : Rotate Version Forward
  • F7 : Rotate Compare Version Back (includes None)
  • F8 : Rotate Compare Version Forward (includes None)
  • F11 : Rotate Commentary Back (includes None)
  • F12: Rotate Commentary Forward (includes None)
  • Updated Word English Bible module
  • Fixed errors in Twentieth Century NT and Montgomery’s NT


Version 2.2

  • Added the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary module
  • Updated the World English Bible module
  • Updated Everyday Life References module
  • Added append to clipboard on right-click menu
  • Added append on export dialog (clipboard or file)
  • Added expand verses option on export
  • Added expand verse refs option in commentary, topic, and dictionary windows (right-click menu)
  • Fixed bug causing commentary modules to start with bad entry list
  • Fixed bug causing no space between tag and verse on copy range
  • Fixed bug in KJV module which dropped some punctuation (version 2.0-2.1)
  • Fixed out-of-range bug when switching between topical refs
  • Made Power BibleCD more tolerant of possible cross-reference problems
  • When clicking on hyperlinks, active window is changed to resulting window


Version 2.1

  • Added the following modules:
  • C.H. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Readings
  • 2770 Sermon Topics
  • Everyday Life References
  • Thompson Chain Topics
  • Quotations
  • American Tract Society Dictionary of the Bible
  • Montgomery’s New Testament
  • World English Bible
  • Twentieth Century New Testament
  • New American Standard Bible 1995 Update (Unlocked along with NASB)
  • Various bugfixes and optimizations
  • Esc key now closes active window
  • Some Strong’s definitions have unresolved links (it is not apparent what James Strong intended with these links), Power BibleCD no longer attempts to look up unresolved links
  • Version tags at end of verse in export
  • Numbers from Strong’s definitions are now included in pop-up definitions
  • When switching between dictionaries and topical references, Power BibleCD attempts to keep the same entry (for example, when reading the definition of Moses in Eastons, switching to Smiths will show Smiths definition of Moses as well).
  • Power BibleCD now will remember which Bibles and reference works were open on shutdown, and will load them on startup at the same position (chapters or entries).


Version 2.0

  • Added the following modules:
  • Geneva Bible Notes
  • A.T. Robertson NT Word Pictures
  • Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible
  • John Wesley’s Notes on the Old and New Testaments
  • William Burkitt’s Notes on the New Testament
  • Smith’s Bible Dictionary
  • 1910 Louis Segond Version (French)
  • 1912 Luther Bible (German)
  • Weymouth’s New Testament
  • Updated the following modules:
  • Family Bible Notes
  • Albert Barnes’ Commentary (reformatted)
  • Cross-references
  • Added autorun compatibility to CD-ROM
  • Various optimizations and minor bug fixes
  • Improved readability of Greek and Hebrew text
  • New Passage Windows now open to whatever passage is currently being viewed
  • Added ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons to Passage Windows
  • Search Bible dialog improved slightly
  • OLB Lexicons and Englishman’s Strong’s numbers no longer published with Power BibleCD (Interlinear KJV is used instead)


Version 1.0    June 1999

  • Initial release